Heller Air
Purifier Tower
Model No. HAP100

3 Speed settings

5 Way Air purification

UV-C Light to kill germs & bacteria

TIO₂ Technology to destroy germs & bacteria

Replace filter indicator

Replace UV-C globe indicator

Combination filter cartridge: True HEPA filter & Carbon odour filter

Suitable for small to medium rooms

Power: 50W

Unit’s Dimensions: (D) 22.3 x (W) 17.8 x (H) 54.5cm

220-240Vac ~ 50Hz

**Replaceable True HEPA Filter Set (HAPF100) & UV Lamp (HAPUV100) are available for purchase (compatible with HAP100).


1. The primary filter will pick up large particles like lint, pet hair & fluff.

2. True HEPA air filter removes up to 99.97% of airborne pollens, mould spores, dust mites, smoke, bacteria and household dust, thereby minimizing the risk of allergies.

3. The activated carbon filter layer will reduce household odours caused by pets, cooking, garbage and the use of household chemicals.

4. UV-C light has long been known as an effective germicide. This same technology is now incorporated in this air purifier to kill up to 99.9% of airborne germs.

5. Total germ destruction is now possible through interaction of UV-C light and titanium dioxide (TIO₂) – all that is left behind is carbon dioxide and water.



Carton Qty

2 Units

Warranty Information

24 Month Warranty

More info

HAPF100 (True HEPA Filter Set) APN


HAPUV100 (UV Lamp) APN