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GAF is one of Australia’s leading suppliers of small electrical appliances, whitegoods, power accessories, heating, cooling, audio, personal care and lighting.
GAF commenced operations in 1959 supplying lighting products to the Australian market place. The Company diversified from lighting to the OEM manufacture of lighting controls and power supplies in 1962. In 1975 as the reduction of tariffs made domestic manufacture less competitive, GAF turned its attention to small appliances as the mass merchant retail channel began to develop.

At a time when home appliances were seen as a luxury good GAF was successful at making appliances affordable for the mass market. After GAF established its position in small appliances and other home products in 1988 it launched the Tiffany brand. Tiffany was soon to become one of the most well known volume appliance brands in Australia. GAF established a reputation amongst retailers in being able to produce value driven product offerings.

During the 90’s GAF broadened from small appliances to heating, cooling and audio whilst maintaining its focus on value driven offerings. The company developed a number of owned, exclusive and private label offerings to suit its growing product range and cater for the changing needs of its customers.

We have one of the largest national warehouse and distribution channels in the electrical industry, enabling us to provide fast and reliable stock service to our customers.
GAF sells its products through most of national retail groups and has a broad base of independent retailers.

Throughout its history, GAF has been focused in developing product offerings that deliver value to both the end consumer and their retail channel partners. GAF is able to deliver this value through its speed, flexibility and innovative approach to the market. Competitive pricing is established through a lean organizational structure, long-term market presence and experience in the relevant buying markets. In 2015 GAF bought Maxim Housewares to compliments its offer.

GAF sells its product ranges under three different branding strategies depending on the needs of the retail channel partners, being:

Owned brands

This includes its well recognized national brands of Tiffany, Sunair, Heller, GAF, PYE and Maxim Kitchenpro.

Exclusive brands

To develop unique value propositions for its retail channel partners, GAF has developed exclusive product ranges and brands.

Private label brands

GAF has assisted retailers in the development of their own private labels.


The private label opportunity has been particularly prevalent in the first price point market, where brand equity issues are not significant, but we will see the emergence of mid and eventually upper level price offerings.

With its logistical capabilities GAF can also provide cost effective stock management solutions for its customers. GAF have developed their business model to ensure that retailers minimize the cost of doing business and to maximize inventory turns.